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Title: Effect of Elevated Temperature on the Metabolic Activity of the Coral Reef Asteroid Acanthaster planci (L.) 
Author: Yamaguchi, Masashi
Date: 1974-04
Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press
Citation: Yamaguchi M. 1974. Effect of elevated temperature on the metabolic activity of the coral reef asteroid Acanthaster planci (L.). Pac Sci 28(2): 139-146.
Abstract: Standard rate of oxygen uptake in the coral reef asteroid Acanthaster
planci(L.) was determined for the temperature range of 25° to 33° C and a metabolic
rate-temperature (M-T) curve was drawn. Acanthaster planci is a metabolic conformer.
The rate of oxygen uptake increased with increase of temperature to 31 ° C.
The rate decreased at 33° C, which is slightly above the ambient temperature for
the laboratory-reared Acanthaster planci tested. The decrease indicates a disturbance
in the metabolic activity due to the elevated temperature. The incipient thermal
death point for the asteroid was estimated to be near 33° C, at which temperature
the animals did not maintain a normal behavior in feeding and resting cycles.
Increasing modification in thermal conditions by human activity would pose a
hazard to the maintenance of coral reef communities if Acanthaster planci represents
metabolic conformer invertebrates with narrow tolerance to elevated temperature.
ISSN: 0030-8870

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