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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2012Aluminum tolerance in Medicago truncatula GaertnSrimake, Yawadee
Dec-2012Assessing the impacts of gene flow between endemic Hawaiian cotton, Gossypium tomentosum, and two commercial cotton speciesLehman, Alexander Michael
Dec-2004Cultivation Of The Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus sp.) On Wood Substrates In HawaiiTisdale, Tracy E.
2008Decontamination of Melicope explantsKikuchi, Michelei K.
2007Developing disease resistance in Colocasia esculenta L. Schott through Agrobacterium tumefasciens-mediated transformation with a stilbene synthase gene, vst1Savory, Elizabeth A.
Dec-2011Development of papaya chromosome-specific cytogenetic markers and cytogenetic map of papaya sex chromosomesWai, Ching Man
Dec-2014The effect of invasive seaweed (Eucheuma spp.) and tankage, as a soil amendment, on sweet potato growth in two Hawaiian soilsCadby, Jeana Yoshiko
2008Enhancement of biological control of anthrurium blight caused by Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. dieffenbachiaeToves, Peter J.
Dec-2011Evaluating vermicompost and rendered meat products as local media components in vegetable seedling productionGurr, Ian Bernard
May-2011Evaluation of irrigation regimes on yield and quality of three cultivars of taro (colocasia esculenta)Uyeda, Jensen Yoshihide
May-2011Evaluation of pre-emergence herbicides contained within a hydromulch cap to determine weed control and safety for two native Hawaiian grasses in a simulated roadside environmentLukas, Scott Benjamin
2007Foundations for a long term Dracaena breeding program : flower induction, irradiation, and polyploidizationTeng, Emily Shih-wen
Dec-2014The impacts of evolutionary and human mediated dispersal mechanisms on invasion success in solanaceaeGauthier, Martha Jane
Dec-2010In vitro establishment of Pittosporum confertiflorum Gray, an endemic plant of HawaiʻiSpencer, Kekaha KP
May-2011Jatropha curcas potential in Hawaii : food, feed, and fuelNeipp, Joshua Daniel
2008Optimization of papaya transformation protocol to improve the probability of a sex-linked transgene insertionLe, Trang Thi Thuy
Aug-2014Polyploid initiation in Hawaii tree speciesLingenfelser, David James
2008Quantifying and mapping soil organic carbon in Mali, West Africa using spatiotemporal methodsQuerido, Antonio Luis Evora Ferreira
2006Safeguarding Anthurium genetic resources : in vitro germplasm bank development and flow cytometry analysisHodgin, Heather Mariel
2008Shade coffee in Hawai'i---quality, physiology, and biochemistrySteiman, Shawn R.