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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2014Assessment of future agricultural land potential using gis and regional climate projections for Hawaiʻi island--an application to macadamia nut and coffeeGross, Jacob Joseph
2005Capacitance sensor : calibration, temperature effects and performance in establishing optimal irrigation management of some vegetable crops in HawaiʻiHamdhani
2006Characterizing riparian ecosystems (plants, soil, and water) of Waipā, Kauaʻi of the Hawaiian IslandsRagosta, Guy A.
2008Consumer willingness-to-pay for organice brinjal (eggplant) in Jaffna District, Sri LankaKandeepan, Vanathy
2007Detecting Leptospira in water : evaluation of a proposed methodHawkins, Ilima R.
2007Evaluating the performances of AnnAGNPS and N-SPECT for tropical conditionsCheng, Chui Ling
Aug-2014Evaluating trends and outcomes in northeast fisheries science and management decisionsMiller, Molly Frances
Dec-2014Greenhouse gas emission balance of biofuel feedstock for potential carbon tradingRay, Whitney Elizabeth
Aug-2005Growth Performance And Soil Conservation Potential For Three Cover Crops On O'ahu's North ShoreRentner, Julie
2008A preliminary examination of the effects of feral pigs (Sus scrofa) on water quality and soil loss within a Hawaiian watershedBrowning, Chad A.
2008A quantitative investigation and inventory of the vegetation and soils of coastal lowland wetlands in HawaiʻiBantilan-Smith, Meris
2007Rapid evaluation and screening of Arachis pintoi contributions to soil nitrate and select soil quality characteristics as a living mulch systemMitschele, Rebecca S.
Dec-2004Sediment And Nutrient Removal Efficiencies Of Three Varieties Of Cropped (Sudex, Sunn Hemp, Oats) Vegetative Filter Strips On An Agricultural Soil In HawaiiRyder, Micah
2006Spectral separability among invasive and native plant species for satellite image analysisSuzuki, Tomoko
2008Stakeholders' latent preferences for invasive species control programs : the case of Crofton Weed (Eupatorium adenophorum) in Chuxiong, Yunnan, ChinaYang, Fang
2006Study on the characteristics of Terminalia agroforestry in Kosrae Island, Federated States of MicronesiaConroy, Nobuko K.
2007Valuation of spinner dolphin excursions in HawaiʻiBoehle, Katya
2007The willingness and likelihood of farmers participation in fresh produce supply chain management : special focus on the Hawaiian avocado industryKrishnakumar, Jyotsna