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Aug-1992Effects of background organic matter on granular activated carbon adsorption isotherms for TCPChu, Holly Marie
Dec-1992Aeration as a pretreatment alternative to extend the life of granular activated carbon at the Mililani plant : a laboratory studyMcParland, Terra L.
Aug-1995Derivation of a two-layer non-hydrostatic shallow water modelYe, Feng
Aug-1995Treatment of Mililani I Well Water By "Nanofiltration"Chaturvedula, Durgaprasad
May-2001Polyacrylamide (PAM) Effects on Viruses and Bacteria Transport in an Unsaturated OxisolWong, Tiow P.
Dec-2002Use of Stiffness for Evaluating Compactness of Cohesive GeomaterialsPu, Jianping
Dec-2002Function Analysis Relating to Decision Making in Value EngineeringZhang, Yue
Dec-2002Cementation Processes of Naturally Aged Hawaiian Calcarerous SandsMcLemore, Thomas B.
May-2003Seismic monitoring of dynamic bridge deformations using strain measurementsFung, Stephanie S.Y.
May-2003Simplified procedure for analysis of laterally loaded single piles and pile groupsChang, Brian K.F.
May-2003Characterization of asphaltic concrete using ImagePAC 2002Hirata, Jennifer G.
Aug-2003Numerical simulation of costal current and sediment transport around the island of O'ahuLiu, Jianping
Aug-2003Hydrological analysis for selected watersheds on O'ahu island in Hawai'iLiao, Tsung-I
Aug-2003Test of prestressed concrete T-beams retrofitted for shear and flexure using carbon fiber reinforced polymersAgapay, Alison
Aug-2003Use of artificial neural network for predicting stage-discharge relationship and water quality parameters for selected Hawaii streamsKou, Zhiqing
Dec-2003Correlation of resilient modulus of fine-grained soils with common soil parameters for use in design of flexible pavementsSandefur, Kealohi
Dec-2003Engineering properties of concrete in a sulfate environmentKidani, Scott
Dec-2003Regional analysis of extreme gust wind speedOrimoto, Mika
Dec-2003Diversity and transport of bacteria and viruses in soils following irrigation with recycled waterHuang, Tieshi
Aug-2004Scour Monitoring And Prediction For Selected Highway Bridges On OahuMasaki, Gavin