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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2004Water Recovery And Concentrate Processing Of Aquaculture Wastewater Treatment By A Wind-Powered Reverse Osmosis SystemXia, Wei
Aug-2004Watershed Modeling By Joint Applications Of Linear Systems Theory And Geographic Information Systems: Case Studies On Oahu, HawaiiFernandes, Krispin
Aug-2004Test Of Cracked Prestressed Concrete T-Beam Retrofitted For Shear Using CFRP L-Shaped PlatesChen, Jiabao
Aug-2004Evaluation Of Hydrological Balance At An Experimental Landfill Capping Site In Kaneohe Marine Corps Base HawaiiMiyasaki, Clifton J.
Aug-2004The Sequential Anaerobic-Aerobic Biodegradation Of PCBs In Phytoremediation CuttingsChanthawornsawat, Yingyot
Dec-2004Implications Of Origin-Destination Distribution In Freeway SimulationWatson, James
Dec-2004Corrosion Susceptibility Of Concrete Exposed To A Marine EnvironmentUno, John
Dec-2004Rainfall Accumulation And Probability Estimations With Geographic Information System For Transportation ApplicationsChang, Kur-Yi
2005Long-term prediction of vertical deflections of the North Halawa Valley ViaductHoi, Wa Cham
2005Development of a GIS-based model for mapping potential liquefaction susceptibility zonesWallace, Carolyn D.
2005Laboratory study of concrete produced with admixtures intended to inhibit corrosionOkunaga, Grant J.
2005Correlation of resistance value (R-value) with California Bearing Ratio (CBR) for use in the design of flexible pavementsHashiro, Reyn S.
May-2005Evaluation Of Non-Destructive Techniques For Corrosion Detection In Concrete Exposed To A Marine EnvironmentKakuda, Donn
May-2005Long-Term Strain Protection Of The North Halawa ViaductWang, Shujun
May-2005Shear Strengthening Of Reinforced Concrete Beams Using CFRP And Bonding Behavior Between CFRP And ConcreteZhang, Huiyun
May-2005Evaluation Of Tsunami Loads And Their Effect On Reinforced Concrete BuildingsPacheco, Kason Hoku
May-2005Deflection Monitoring Systems In Static And Dynamic ConditionsAki, Kainoa D.
Aug-2005Prediction Of Permeate Flux Decline In Crossflow Membrane Filtration Of Colloidal Suspension: A Radial Basis Function Neural Network ApproachChen, Huaiqun
2006Island mapping of chloride deposition rateMalalis, Ronald R.
2006Assessment of historic ground-water recharge in central and west Maui, HawaiʻiEngott, John A.