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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2004Rainfall Accumulation And Probability Estimations With Geographic Information System For Transportation ApplicationsChang, Kur-Yi
Dec-2003Regional analysis of extreme gust wind speedOrimoto, Mika
May-2014Removal of bacteria and pharmaceutically active compounds during natural filtrationd Alessio, Matteo
2005Risk analysis of coastal flooding due to distant tsunamisGica, Edison
Aug-2012Riverbank filtration : modeling fate of dissolved organic carbon, transport of Escherichia coli and coupling with aquifer storage to address temporal water scarcitySharma, Laxman
Aug-2004Scour Monitoring And Prediction For Selected Highway Bridges On OahuMasaki, Gavin
May-2003Seismic monitoring of dynamic bridge deformations using strain measurementsFung, Stephanie S.Y.
2008Semi-active control of building structures using MR dampers based on a modified inverse dynamic modelYu, Xiaochuan
Aug-2004The Sequential Anaerobic-Aerobic Biodegradation Of PCBs In Phytoremediation CuttingsChanthawornsawat, Yingyot
May-2005Shear Strengthening Of Reinforced Concrete Beams Using CFRP And Bonding Behavior Between CFRP And ConcreteZhang, Huiyun
2004Signalized intersection level-of-service that accounts for user perceptionsZhang, Lin, 1956 Sept. 25
May-2003Simplified procedure for analysis of laterally loaded single piles and pile groupsChang, Brian K.F.
Dec-2011Study on Knudsen flow through membrane pores using analytical approximation and Monte Carlo methodShi, Yong
Dec-2011Sustainability framework for urban transportation modes and exploratory applicationsMitropoulos, Lampros
Aug-2004Test Of Cracked Prestressed Concrete T-Beam Retrofitted For Shear Using CFRP L-Shaped PlatesChen, Jiabao
Aug-2003Test of prestressed concrete T-beams retrofitted for shear and flexure using carbon fiber reinforced polymersAgapay, Alison
May-2003Toward advanced analysis in steel frame designHwa, Ken
Aug-1995Treatment of Mililani I Well Water By "Nanofiltration"Chaturvedula, Durgaprasad
Aug-2003Use of artificial neural network for predicting stage-discharge relationship and water quality parameters for selected Hawaii streamsKou, Zhiqing
Dec-2002Use of Stiffness for Evaluating Compactness of Cohesive GeomaterialsPu, Jianping