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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Groundwater modeling for the estimation of the sustainable yield of Iao aquifer, Maui, HawaiiLi, Xiangang
2008A higher-order depth-integrated model for water waves and currents generated by underwater landslidesZhou, Hongqiang
Aug-2014Hydrologic performance analyses, modeling, and design tool development for green roof systemsLi, Yanling
May-2013Hydrological analysis and improved bridge scour prediction for selected streams in HawaiiTecca, Nicholas Pryor
Aug-2003Hydrological analysis for selected watersheds on O'ahu island in Hawai'iLiao, Tsung-I
Aug-2011Identification of sewage markers for the quantification of the severity of rainfall derived infiltration and inflowShelton, Jessica Mae
Dec-2004Implications Of Origin-Destination Distribution In Freeway SimulationWatson, James
2004An interfacing strategy for fluid-structure interaction with application to linear hydroelasticityHuang, Linlin
2006Island mapping of chloride deposition rateMalalis, Ronald R.
2005Laboratory study of concrete produced with admixtures intended to inhibit corrosionOkunaga, Grant J.
2008Large scale Monte Carlo simulation of crossflow membrane filtration for removal of particulate materialsLiu, Yuewei
2005Long-term prediction of vertical deflections of the North Halawa Valley ViaductHoi, Wa Cham
May-2005Long-Term Strain Protection Of The North Halawa ViaductWang, Shujun
Dec-2011Membrane fouling study and identifying fouling microorganisms in membrane bioreactors treating municipal wastewaterHuang, Tieshi
2008Near-interfacial and interfacial fracture simulation by the extended finite element methodYan, Yuhai
Aug-2003Numerical simulation of costal current and sediment transport around the island of O'ahuLiu, Jianping
Dec-2010Partition and survival of fecal indicators between sand and water of beaches in HawaiiFeng, Fan
2006Performance of admixtures intended to resist corrosion in concrete exposed to a marine environmentCheng, Huiping
2006Permeability theory for polydispersed colloidal cakes and analysis of membrane bioreactor (MBR) modelsNg, Aileen
May-2001Polyacrylamide (PAM) Effects on Viruses and Bacteria Transport in an Unsaturated OxisolWong, Tiow P.