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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2002Cementation Processes of Naturally Aged Hawaiian Calcarerous SandsMcLemore, Thomas B.
May-2003Characterization of asphaltic concrete using ImagePAC 2002Hirata, Jennifer G.
Dec-2011Chloride removal from a biomass gasification product stream by a fixed bed of self-prepared sorbent materialFoley, Michael J.
Dec-2011Coefficient of thermal expansion of concrete mixes in Hawaiʻi : determination and implications for concrete pavement designHavel, Stephen Anthony
May-2013Comprehensive method for evaluating signalized intersections treatments : left turn prohibition and partial grade separationYu, Xin
May-2011Connector development for hybrid masonry seismic structural systemsGoodnight, Seth Ryan
Aug-2011Constraint dissipative hydrodynamicsDas, Om Swarup
Dec-2003Correlation of resilient modulus of fine-grained soils with common soil parameters for use in design of flexible pavementsSandefur, Kealohi
2005Correlation of resistance value (R-value) with California Bearing Ratio (CBR) for use in the design of flexible pavementsHashiro, Reyn S.
Dec-2004Corrosion Susceptibility Of Concrete Exposed To A Marine EnvironmentUno, John
2006Debonding failure of fiber reinforced polymersSharma, Bhavna
May-2005Deflection Monitoring Systems In Static And Dynamic ConditionsAki, Kainoa D.
Aug-1995Derivation of a two-layer non-hydrostatic shallow water modelYe, Feng
Dec-2013Developing Tools for Earthquake-induced Landslide Hazard Maps of the Island of HawaiʻiNamekar, Shailesh Arun
2005Development of a GIS-based model for mapping potential liquefaction susceptibility zonesWallace, Carolyn D.
May-2013Development of high-performance fiber-reinforced link slabs for jointless bridge decksLum, Bryan Kwock Gin
2007Development of self-consolidating concrete for drilled shaft applications in HawaiʻiIshisaka, Renee
Dec-2013Development of simulation models for the cement loading process at a cement plantSrisurin, Punyaanek
Dec-2003Diversity and transport of bacteria and viruses in soils following irrigation with recycled waterHuang, Tieshi
2006The effectiveness of a slow-sand filter at a road maintenance facilityAdams, Elizabeth