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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2004Cancer Chemoprevention By Water Soluble Astaxanthin DerivativesHix, Lauram.
2005Cellular and molecular mechanisms of enhanced neuronal damage in hyperglycemic ischemiaDing, Chaonan
2004Determination of the separate molecular mechanisms for the induction of the tumor suppressor gene connexin 43 by retinoids and carotenoidsVine, Alex L.
2005Discovery of protein-protein interactions of the lysyl oxidase enzyme : implications for cardiovascular disease, cancer and fibrosisFogelgren, Benjamin C.
2008Effect of Sirt1 and telomerase on stem cellsCoussens, Matthew J.
Dec-2002Expression of SIX3, ZFP161 and ALK Genes in the Brain and Kidneys of3H1 Br Mutant MiceMargaryan, Edith
Dec-2012Investigations of leptospira in small mammalian host species in the Hawaiian islandsWong, Mayee
Dec-2003The LOX and LOXL2 amine oxidases in colon and esophageal cancerFong, Sheri Fumiko Tsuda
Dec-2003N-myc oncogene expression in neuroblastoma is dependent on Sp1 and Sp3Tuthill, Matthew Charles
2004A new model for sperm chromatin structure and its relationship to functionSotolongo, Barbara
2008Nuclease present in mouse spermatozoa and surrounding fluid from the vas deferensDominguez, Kenneth
2004Photoaging of skin : a functional genomics approachUrschitz, Johann G.E.
Dec-2003Quorum sensing in the Vibrio fischeri-Euprymna scolopes symbiosisLupp, Claudia
2007RNAi knockdown of the flightless-I transcript in Drosophila melanogasterLoeffler, Jorik
Dec-2003Symbiont-induced changes in host gene expression: The squid-Vibrio symbiosisKimbell, Jennifer Loraine
Dec-2002The use of suppression subtractive hybridization in the identification of a novel gene encoding a protein containing a BTB-POZ domain in the Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitataUntalan, Pia Marie