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1993Cloning of the pmb gene encoding a basic amino acid transport protein in Neurospora crassaHan, Hyo-Young
1993Structure-function relationship of the sodium channel rat brain IIAFleig, Andrea
May-2003Use of DNA arrays for molecular taxonomic and systematic studies of species within the Bactrocera Dorsalis complexNaeole, Chrystie K.M.
2005Activated macrophages: implications in HIV-associated disease pathogenesisKillebrew, Deirdre Anne
2005Traumatic brain injury : outcomes of a rural versus urban population over a 5 year periodChapital, Alyssa Dianne
2005Evidence-based prescribing patterns for hypertension among insured patients in HawaiʻiKretzer, Kikikipa
2005Factors influential in recruitment to health careers in Micronesian studentsWithy, Kelley
2005Prevalence of overweight and obesity in a population of Pacific Island childrenOkihiro, May
2005Creatine phosphokinase elevations following exercise in individuals infected with the human immunodeficiency virusDay, Larry John
2005Does incidental endometriosis at laparoscopic tubal sterilization increase future health care utilization?Kim, David Seil
Aug-2005Medication Adherence In Children & Adolescents With ADHD In Hawaii: A Secondary Data Analysis Of An Insured PopulationHassanin, Hanan
2007Body ideals and body dissatisfaction among a community sample of 1330 ethnically diverse adolescents on Kauai, HawaiiNiide, Tiffany K.
2007Small vessel vascular disease in HIV infectionMcMurtray, Aaron
2007Parkinson's disease in Hawaiʻi : a study of prevalence and ethnicityWeiss, Lois
2007Emerging bone health issues in women with breast cancer in HawaiiFu, Jennifer
2008Cortical atrophy and white matter hyperintensities in HIV infectionMcMurtray, Aaron
May-2014Impact of weight-based dosing on vancomycin dosing and trough levelsBello, Erlaine F.
May-2014What is the prevalence of chronic pelvic pain amongst the various ethnicities in Hawaiʻi?Kim, David Seil
Dec-2014The relationship of 5-aminolevulinic acid on mood and coping ability in prediabetic adultsGonzales, Rachael May K.
Dec-2014Sex differences in impulsivity and brain volumes in methamphetamine usersKogachi, Shannon Akiko