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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-1975The Peka, or Fruit Bat (Pteropus tonganus tonganus) (Mammalia, Chiroptera), of Niue Island, South PacificWodzicki, Kazimierz; Felten, Heinz
Apr-1975Petrolisthes zacae Haig, 1968 (Crustacea, Decapoda, Porcellanidae): The Development of Larvae in the LaboratoryGore, Robert H.
Jul-1975The Properties and Genesis of Four Soils Derived from Basaltic Ash, Mauna Loa, HawaiiHassan, Tjetje S.; Ikawa, H.; Swindale, L.D.
Apr-1975The Rare Moray Eel Gymnothorax pikei Bliss Recorded from Papua New GuineaKailola, Patricia J.
Jan-1975Red Tide in the Morobe District of Paupa New GuineaMaclean, J.L.
Jan-1975Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman. Part 38 Pandanus in Fiji, First Group (except Section Pandanus)St. John, Harold
Oct-1975Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman. Part 39 Pandanus of Rotuma Island, Pacific OceanSt. John, Harold
Jan-1975Sertulum Papuanum 20 The Boraginaceae of the Alpine Regions of New Guineavan Royen, P.
Apr-1975Skin Structure of the Hawaiian Monk Seal (Monachus schauinslandi)Whittow, G.C.; Szekerczes, J.; Kridler, E.; Olsen, D.L.
Jan-1975Surface Sediments of the Nazca PlateRosato, Victor J.; Kulm, L.D.; Derks, P Steve
Apr-1975Systematics and Distribution of Callianassa (Crustacea, Decapoda, Macrura) from Port Phillip Bay, Australia, with Descriptions of Two New SpeciesPoore, Gary C.B.
Apr-1975Trace Element Geochemistry of Biogenic Sediments from the Western Equatorial PacificBurnett, William C.
Jul-1975Transitory Eye Shapes and the Vertical Distribution of Two Midwater SquidsYoung, Richard Edward
Jan-1975The Warbling Silverbill, A New Nesting Bird in HawaiiBerger, Andrew J.