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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993New Caledonia in Review: Issues and Events, 1992Sodter, Francois
1993Papua New Guinea in Review: Issues and Events, 1992Wesley-Smith, Terence
1993Protected States: The Political Status of the Federated States of Micronesia and the Republic of the Marshall IslandsMichal, Edward J.
1993The Region in Review: International Issues and Events, 1992Fry, Greg
1993Review of A Politics of Virtue: Hinduism, Sexuality, and Countercolonial Discourse in Fiji, by John D. KellyNorton, Robert
1993Review of Christianity in Oceania: Ethnographic Perspectives, edited by John BarkerBoutilier, James
1993Review of Decentralization in a Developing Country: The Experience of Papua New Guinea and Its Health Service, edited by Jane A. Thomason, William C. Newbrander, and Riita-Liisa Kolehmainen-AitkenDesowitz, Robert S.
1993Review of Entangled Objects: Exchange, Material Culture, and Colonialism in the Pacific, by Nicholas ThomasKaplan, Martha
1993Review of France and the South Pacific: A Contemporary History, by Stephen HenninghamWaddell, Eric
1993Review of France, Oceania and Australia: Past and Present, edited by Robert Aldrich; France in the Pacific: Past, Present and Future, edited by Deryck ScarrWard, Alan
1993Review of Identity Through History: Living Stories in a Solomon Islands Society, by Geoffrey M. WhiteGewertz, Deborah
1993Review of In the Midst of Life: Affect and Ideation in the World of the Tolai, by A. L. EpsteinHeider, Karl G.
1993Review of Like People You See in a Dream: First Contact in Six Papuan Societies, edited by Edward L. Schieffelin and Robert Crittenden, with contributions by Byant Allen and Stephen Frankel, Paul Sillitoe, and Lisette Josephides and Marc Schiltz; Explorations into Highland New Guinea, 1930-1935, by Michael J. Leahy, edited by Douglas E. Jones with foreword by Jane C. GoodaleStrathern, Andrew
1993Review of Micronesia: Decolonisation and US Military Interests in the Trust Territories of the Pacific Islands, by Gary SmithAlcalay, Glenn
1993Review of Ola, by Albert WendtAoki, Diane
1993Review of On the Margins of History: From the Punjab to Fiji, by Oskar SpateClark, William C.
1993Review of Samoan Planters: Tradition and Economic Development in Polynesia, by J. Tim O'MearaLinnekin, Jocelyn
1993Review of Sepik Heritage: Tradition and Change in Papua New Guinea, edited by Nancy Lutkehaus, Christian Kaufmann, William E. Mitchell, Douglas Newton, Lita Osmundsen, and Meinhard SchusterBrison, Karen
1993Review of Silent Warriors, unabridged edition, by Anirudh SinghO'Carroll, John
1993Review of The Mundugumor: From the Field Notes of Margaret Mead and Reo Fortune, by Nancy McDowellLipset, David M.