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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-1974Growth of Juvenile Acanthaster planci (L.) in the LaboratoryYamaguchi, Masashi
Jul-197428:3 Table of Contents - Pacific Science-
Jul-1974The Vascular Flora of Fanning Island, Line Islands, Pacific OceanSt. John, Harold
Jul-1974Processes of Carbon Dioxide Flux in the Fanning Island LagoonSmith, S.V.; Pesret, F.
Jul-1974Ecological Aspects of the Distributions of Fishes at Fanning IslandChave, E.H.; Eckert, D.B.
Jul-1974Molluscan Distribution Patterns in Fanning Island Lagoon and a Comparison of the Mollusks of the Lagoon and the Seaward ReefsKay, E. Alison; Switzer, Marilyn F.
Jul-1974Coral Communities on a Seaward Reef Slope, Fanning IslandMaragos, J.E.
Jul-1974Reef Corals of Fanning IslandMaragos, J.E.
Jul-1974The Flood-Tide Jet in Fanning Island LagoonStroup, Edward D.; Meyers, Gary A.
Jul-1974Fanning Island: Editor's NoteKay, E. Alison
Jul-1974Groundwater and Nearshore Hyposaline Conditions at Fanning Island during a Period of Higher than Normal RainfallGuinther, Eric B.
Oct-1974Geochemistry of Lake Waters from the South Island, New ZealandGlasby, G.P.; Edgerley, WHL
Oct-1974On the Systematics of Ancinus (Isopoda, Sphaeromatidae), with the Description of a New Species from the Tropical Eastern PacificGlynn, Peter W.; Glynn, Carmen S.
Oct-197428:4 Table of Contents - Pacific Science-
Oct-1974Cyclopoid Copepods Associated with the Coral Genera Favia, Favites, Platygyra, and Merulina in New CaledoniaHumes, Arthur G.
Oct-1974Skottsbergiliana New Genus (Cucurbitaceae) of Hawaii Island Hawaiian Plant Studies 41St. John, Harold
Oct-1974Contributions to the Knowledge of the Alpheid Shrimp of the Pacific Ocean Part XVII. Additional Notes on the Hawaiian Alpheids: New Species, Subspecies, and Some Nomenclatorial ChangesBanner, Albert H.; Banner, Dora M.
Oct-1974A Description and Experimental Analysis of Batesian Mimicry between a Marine Gastropod and an AmphipodField, Laurence H.
Oct-1974Redescription of Anthopleura nigrescens (Coelenterata, Actiniaria) from HawaiiDunn, Daphne Fautin
Oct-1974Algal Flora of Some North Island, New Zealand, Lakes, Including Rotorua and RotoitiCassie, Vivienne