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Title: A Description of the Sea Anemone Stomphia didemon sp. nov. and Its Development
Authors: Siebert, Arthur E Jr.
Issue Date: Oct-1973
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
Citation: Siebert AE Jr. 1973. A description of the sea anemone Stomphia didemon sp. nov. and its development. Pac Sci 27(4): 363-376.
Abstract: Stomphia didemon is described as a new species of sea anemone from
the San Juan Archipelago, Washington. It possesses about 192 tentacles and 96
pairs of mesenteries. The cnidom is spirocysts, basitrichs, microbasic b-mastigophores,
and microbasic p-mastigophores. S. didemon spawned in April and May.
The eggs are 750 to 800 /lm in diameter, orange, and centrolecithal; cleavage is
superficial, equal, and incomplete. Endoderm formation is by unipolar ingression
from a fold in the surface of the blastula. Settlement of the planulae is favored by
the presence of sand or gravel. Attempts were made to fertilize eggs of S. coccinea
with sperm from S. didemon, but the cross-fertilized eggs failed to develop.
ISSN: 0030-8870
Appears in Collections:Pacific Science Volume 27, Numbers 4, 1973

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