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Title: Calcium Carbonate and Gross-Size Analysis of Surface Sediments, Western Equatorial Pacific 
Author: Valencia, Mark J.
Date: 1973-07
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
Citation: Valencia MJ. 1973. Calcium carbonate and gross-size analysis of surface sediments, western equatorial Pacific. Pac Sci 27(3): 290-303.
Abstract: Surface-sediment samples taken from the tops of 47 free-fall, triggerweight,
or piston cores from an area in the western equatorial Pacific (long 1550 E1750
E, lat 100 N-10° S) were separated into three size-fractions ( < 44 p" 44-246 p"
> 246 p,), and the calcium carbonate content of the total sample and of each sizefraction
was determined. Subaerial volcanic dilution from the direction of the
Solomon Islands prompted exclusion of some samples from carbonate and sizefraction
profiles. An abrupt decrease in carbonate content in the western equatorial
Pacific occurs at 3,500 m, whereas the compensation depth is found at 5,250 m.
Comparisons of previous works and examination of the present data prompt the
assertion that, under specified conditions, the sedimentary lysocline may be approximated
by the slope-break in plots of carbonate content versus depth. A strong
positive correlation (0.92, P < 0.001) of the < 44-p, fraction with depth suggests
that anomalous values for this weight-fraction may be useful in delineating displaced
surface sediments in the area studied.
ISSN: 0030-8870
LC Subject Headings: Marine sediments -- Central Pacific Basin

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