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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989Accomplishing Tibetan identity : the constitution of a national consciousnessKlieger, P. Christiaan
1990Adaptation of Tibetan refugees in Pokhara, Nepal : a study on persistence and changeChhetri, Ram B.
1977Adolescent peer groups and socialization in the rural Philippines : a socio-ecological perspectiveMcArthur, Harold J.
1978Adoption, filiation, and matrilineal descent on Namonuito Atoll, Caroline IslandsThomas, John Byron
Dec-2012Archaeological analysis of Rapa Nui settlement structure : a multi-scalar approachMorrison, Alex Elias
1982Batak interhousehold food sharing : a systemic analysis of food management of marginal agriculturalists in the PhilippinesCadeliña, Rowe V.
2004Burning issues: control of fire management in central Kalimantan, IndonesiaDolcemascolo, Glenn Philip
Aug-2003The ceramic chronology of Angkor Borei, Takeo province, southern CambodiaBong, Sovath
1982Cognitive aggregate and social group: the ethnic Portuguese of HonoluluMacDonald, James John
2008Conserving the roots of trade : Local ecological knowledge of ethnomedicines from Tanga, Tanzania marketsMcMillen, Heather L.
2008Cooking with stones : An ethnoarchaeological study of stone oven cooking strategies in island MelanesiaNojima, Yoko
1989A cross cultural comparison of filarial disease in the Fiji IslandsPrasad, Usha Kiran
1973Decisions in a market: a study of the Honolulu fish auctionPeterson, Susan Blackmore
1986Dependency and affluence as challenges to national development in PalauEpstein, Joshua L.
1973The East Asian culture and its transformation in the West: a cognitive approach to changing world view among East Asian Americans in HawaiiKang, Sin-pʻyo
Aug-2012Education as tautology : disparities, preferential policy measures and preparatory programs in Northwest ChinaYamada, Naomi Charity Furnish
May-2003An ethnographic study of the construction of Hawaiian Christianity in the past and the presentInoue, Akihiro
2008An ethnography of invisibility : Education & special needs children in JapanMaret, Jeffrey Daniel
Dec-2003The evolution of competition and cooperation in Fijian prehistory: Archaeological research in the Sigatoka Valley, FijiField, Julie S.
2004Explaining cultural diversity in ancient Fiji : the transmission of ceramic variabilityCochrane, Ethan E.