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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2012The unseen forest : spectacles of nature and governance in a Japanese national forestCunningham, Eric John
1984Tourism as conflict in Polynesia : status degradation among Tongan handicraft sellersKirch, Debra Connelly
1988Trade, transportation, and tributaries : exchange, agriculture, and settlement distribution in early historic-period Kedah, MalaysiaAllen, Jane
Aug-2011Translating power : the fuzzy path of law from international convention to local politics in JapanYamada, Toru
19-Mar-65023Tripp tapes 1 to 6-
11-Nov-18518Tripp tapes 7-9-
2008Tuberculosis in Polynesia : a discussion of its occurrence before initial European contactSuzuki, Katherine K.
May-2011Unwriting "Easter Island" : listening to Rapa NuiYoung, Forrest Wade
1978Urbanization and modernization : the impact on aging in Hong KongIkels, Charlotte
29-Aug-65531useful links-
May-2003Variability in poi pounders from Kaua'i island, Hawai'iMcElroy, Windy Keala
Aug-2012Vessels of kastom : canoes and canoe builders of Lamen IslandVan Allen, Joel B.
1979Walking on two feet : Tagbanwa adaptation to Philippine societyWarner, Katherine
2008The way of Choju : Self-sufficiency, health, and longevity in Ashikita town, an agrarian community in southern JapanSipos, Jessica Busch
Dec-2002The Way of Choju: Consuming Longevity in a Rural Japanese TownBusch, Jessica
2004We are the weeds : the interplay of policy and culture in the use of introduced plant species as medicine in HawaiʻiAbbott, Jon Webster
1986"We cool, tha's why" : a study of personhood and place in a class of Hawaiian second gradersD'Amato, John Joseph
Aug-2011Đao Mau religious practices : the soft power and everyday lives of women in contemporary VietnamVu, Tu Anh Thi