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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990Kahana Valley, Hawaiʻi, a geomorphic artifact : a study of the interrelationships among geomorphic structures, natural processes, and ancient Hawaiian technology, land use, and settlement patternsBeggerly, Patricia Price
1984Kinsmen and voluntary associations in two Ilocano communitiesZialcita, Fernando N.
Dec-2012Kūkulu manamana : ritual power and religious expansion in Hawaiʻi the ethno-historical and archaeological study of Mokumanamana and Nihoa islandsKikiloi, Scott Toshio
2003Land, family and Hawaiian resistanceBoggs, Stephen T.
Dec-2003Mai Pa'a I Ka Leo: Historical voice in Hawaiian primary materials, looking forward and listening backNogelmeier, Marvin Puakea
1970Makai--mauka: Fishing and farming on the Island of Hawaii in A.D. 1778Newman, T. Stell (Thomas Stell)
1982Making history : the creation of traditional knowledge on Pukapuka, a Polynesian atollBorofsky, Robert, 1944
2004"Mango illness" : health decisions and the use of biomedical and traditional therapies in CambodiaBith, Pollie D.
1966Maori women in traditional family and tribal lifeHeuer, Berys N. Rose
May-2008Marshallese navigation and voyaging: re-learning and reviving indigenous knowledge of the oceanGenz, Joseph H.
Aug-2012May I call you North Korean ? : negotiating differences and imagining the nation in South KoreaLee, Hyeon Ju
Jun-1977Meaning of 'Aina in Hawaiian TraditionBoggs, Stephen T.
1981The meaning of development for rural areas : depopulation in a Taiwanese farming communitySando, Ruth Ann
Dec-2003The meanings of sex: University students in northeast ThailandDaGrossa, Pamela Stamps
2005Measuring variability in prehistoric stone construction on Rapa Nui, ChileCommendador, Amy S.
1961Melanesian masks in the Bishop MuseumKaeppler, Adrienne L, 1935
Dec-2002Miss India USA 2001: Flexible Practices, Creative Consumption, and Transnationality in Indian AmericaVora, Kalindi
1962Mutual intelligibility between certain Polynesian speech communitiesWard, Jack H.
1976The Navajo theory of life and behaviorMcNeley, James Kale
1977People of the flood plain : the changing ecology of rice farming in Cotabato, PhilippinesStewart, J. C, 1949