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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1982Batak interhousehold food sharing : a systemic analysis of food management of marginal agriculturalists in the PhilippinesCadeliña, Rowe V.
2004Burning issues: control of fire management in central Kalimantan, IndonesiaDolcemascolo, Glenn Philip
2008Carrying culture and re(creating) nation through Christianity : Minahasan culture and identity in transnational Indonesian churches in New EnglandSwazey, Kelli A.
Aug-2003The ceramic chronology of Angkor Borei, Takeo province, southern CambodiaBong, Sovath
2005Changing traditions and identities : the ecology of the differential responses of Tai and Kinh farmers to governmental agrarian and technological initiatives in Northwest VietnamNguyen, Thao Cong
1982Cognitive aggregate and social group: the ethnic Portuguese of HonoluluMacDonald, James John
2008Conserving the roots of trade : Local ecological knowledge of ethnomedicines from Tanga, Tanzania marketsMcMillen, Heather L.
2008Cooking with stones : An ethnoarchaeological study of stone oven cooking strategies in island MelanesiaNojima, Yoko
1989A cross cultural comparison of filarial disease in the Fiji IslandsPrasad, Usha Kiran
1966The cultural relationships of the Polynesian outliersBayard, Donn T.
1973Decisions in a market: a study of the Honolulu fish auctionPeterson, Susan Blackmore
1986Dependency and affluence as challenges to national development in PalauEpstein, Joshua L.
Aug-2011Divine sustenance : Krishna Prasadam in Honolulu, HawaiʻiBerger, Nicole Catherine
1973The East Asian culture and its transformation in the West: a cognitive approach to changing world view among East Asian Americans in HawaiiKang, Sin-pʻyo
Aug-2012Education as tautology : disparities, preferential policy measures and preparatory programs in Northwest ChinaYamada, Naomi Charity Furnish
May-2003An ethnographic study of the construction of Hawaiian Christianity in the past and the presentInoue, Akihiro
2008An ethnography of invisibility : Education & special needs children in JapanMaret, Jeffrey Daniel
Dec-2003The evolution of competition and cooperation in Fijian prehistory: Archaeological research in the Sigatoka Valley, FijiField, Julie S.
May-2014The evolution of social hierarchy in Leeward Kohala, island of Hawaiʻi : an evolutionary ecological approachDiNapoli, Robert John