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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1956Acculturation of Samoans in the Mormon village of Laie, Territory of HawaiiPierce, Bernard Francis
1961Melanesian masks in the Bishop MuseumKaeppler, Adrienne L, 1935
1962Mutual intelligibility between certain Polynesian speech communitiesWard, Jack H.
1965Gautavai : a study of Samoan valuesGardner, Louise Camellia
1966Maori women in traditional family and tribal lifeHeuer, Berys N. Rose
1966The cultural relationships of the Polynesian outliersBayard, Donn T.
1967The structure of Tongan danceKaeppler, Adrienne L, 1935
1970Makai--mauka: Fishing and farming on the Island of Hawaii in A.D. 1778Newman, T. Stell (Thomas Stell)
1970Rural and urban villagers: A bi-local social system in PapuaRyan, Dawn
1973Decisions in a market: a study of the Honolulu fish auctionPeterson, Susan Blackmore
1973The East Asian culture and its transformation in the West: a cognitive approach to changing world view among East Asian Americans in HawaiiKang, Sin-pʻyo
1974Pluralism and social change in Suva City, FijiMamak, Alexander
1976The Navajo theory of life and behaviorMcNeley, James Kale
1977People of the flood plain : the changing ecology of rice farming in Cotabato, PhilippinesStewart, J. C, 1949
1977Adolescent peer groups and socialization in the rural Philippines : a socio-ecological perspectiveMcArthur, Harold J.
1977Households on the move : settlement pattern among a group of Eivo and Simeku speakers in Central BougainvilleHamnett, Michael P, 1947
Jun-1977Meaning of 'Aina in Hawaiian TraditionBoggs, Stephen T.
1978Extension research and development in Malandi : field test of a community-based paradigm for appropriate technology innovation among the Tagbanwa of PalawanRaintree, John Bouchard
1978Urbanization and modernization : the impact on aging in Hong KongIkels, Charlotte
1978Social and cultural change in the community of Umatac, southern GuamValle, Teresa del