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Title: Tides and Circulation in a Series of Saline Lakes at Christmas Island 
Author: Gallagher, Brent
Date: 1973-04
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
Citation: Gallagher B. 1973. Tides and circulation in a series of saline lakes at Christmas Island. Pac Sci 27(2): 197-206.
Abstract: Hydrographic conditions are presented for a series of seven saline
lakes which open off of the main lagoon at Christmas Island, and which are being
considered as a potential aquaculture site for brine shrimp. The first five ponds
have typical tidal ranges of 1 foot and residence times of about 11 days. The two
ponds farthest inland are penetrated only by spring tides and have residence
times in the order of 15 months. The tides themselves, as well as mean water-level
and tidal phase differences, present several possibilities for producing a controlled
flow through the ponds. Circulation and structure in one of the innermost ponds
show that no significant nutrient traps exist, and that flow patterns would serve to
help collect floating brine shrimp eggs.
ISSN: 0030-8870
LC Subject Headings: Salt lakes -- Christmas Island (Indian Ocean)

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