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Title: Comparative Decay Resistance of Twenty-five Fijian Timber Species in Accelerated Laboratory Tests 
Author: Osborne, Lynette
Date: 1967-10
Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press
Citation: Osborne L. 1967. Comparative decay resistance of twenty-five Fijian timber species in accelerated laboratory tests. Pac Sci 21(4): 539-549.
Abstract: Specimens from the heartwood of 2-5 trees of each of 25 species of
Fijian rain forest timbers were tested by the laboratory soil-block method against
two white-rot fungi , Fomes lividus (Kalch.) Sacc. and Pycnoporus coccineus (Fr.)
Bond. and Sing., syn. Coriolus sangutneus (L. ex Fr.) G. H. Cunn.; and against
two brown-rot fungi, Lenzites trabea Pers. ex Fr. and Coniophora olivacea (Fr.)
Karst. The species most resistant to decay were Palaquium hornei, Intsia bijuga,
Fagraea gracilipes, Syzygium spp. complex, and Dacrydium elatum. Most of the
species tested were highly susceptible to decay.
There was a tendency, both among species and with in species, for the denser
and less water-absorbent wood to be more resistant to decay. Also, the outer heartwood
was, in general, more resistant to decay than inner heartwood.
ISSN: 0030-8870

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