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Title: Late Cenozoic Ostracodes from the Drowned Terraces in the Hawaiian Islands 
Author: Holden, John C.
Date: 1967-01
Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press
Citation: Holden JC. 1967. Late Cenozoic ostracodes from the drowned terraces in the Hawaiian Islands. Pac Sci 21(1): 1-50.
Abstract: late Cenozoic ostracodes from extensive submarine terr aces in the
Hawaiian Islands ranging in depth from 260 to 355 fath oms resemble, in part,
modern shallow water faun as of the Hawaiian and tropical Pacific islands. Of the
35 species from the terraces, 13 are described as new. These are: Cytherelloidea
monodenticulata, Bairdia kauaiensis, B. hanaumaensis, B. ritugerda, Hemicythere
obesa, Mitilus oahuensis, M.(?) coalescens, Jugosocythereis venulosus, Quadracythere
hornibrooki, Loxoconcha batei, L. condyla, Cletocythereis bradyi, and
N eocaudites terryi.
The assemblage indicates an original shallow water environment for the terraces.
Most of the extant species, which also occur as fossils from the terr aces, live at
depths less than 50 fathoms in present oceans, and only one is reliably reported as
living deeper than 160 fathoms; several are known littoral forms
ISSN: 0030-8870

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