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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2014Radio jet driven outflows : an investigation of extended emission line regions around radio loud AGNsShih, Hsin Yi
2005The rare light elements in very low metallicity halo starsNovicki, Megan C.
Aug-2014Red supergiants as luminous beacons of cosmic chemical abundances : the infrared j-band spectroscopic techniqueGazak, Jonathan Zachary
1975Saturn and Jupiter : a study of atmospheric constituentsMartin, Terry Zachry
May-2003A search for debris disks with a dual channel adaptive optics imaging polarimeterPotter, Daniel Edward
2004Small bodies in the outer solar system: from Kuiper Belt objects to centaurs to satellitesSheppard, Scott S.
1992The source of five-minute period photospheric umbral oscillationsPenn, Matthew James
1993Stellar oxygen abundancesKing, Jeremy R.
1994The stellar population and mass distribution at the galactic centerRosenthal, Edward David
2008Stellar spectropolarimetry with HiVIS : Herbig Ae/Be stars, circumstellar environments and optical pumpingHarrington, David M.
2004Structure and energy transport of the solar convection zoneArmstrong, James D, 1970
May-2014Towards improved diagnostics in terrestrial and solar spectropolarimetrySwindle, Thomas Ryan
2004Type Ia supernovae at high redshiftBarris, Brian J.
Dec-2012Using strong gravitationally lensed galaxies to probe the metallicity history of star-forming galaxies between redshift 1 and 3Yuan, Tiantian
2008A wide-field survey for high-redshift quasarsKakazu, Yuko K.M.