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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2003A physical survey of CentaursBauer, James Monie
May-2003A search for debris disks with a dual channel adaptive optics imaging polarimeterPotter, Daniel Edward
2004Type Ia supernovae at high redshiftBarris, Brian J.
2004A 0.6 to 4.1 [mu]m spectroscopic study of very low-mass stars and brown dwarfsCushing, Michael C.
2004Small bodies in the outer solar system: from Kuiper Belt objects to centaurs to satellitesSheppard, Scott S.
2004The link between interactions, infrared emission and the transformation of galaxies: a detailed study of a complete sample of luminous infrared galaxiesIshida, Catherine Mie
2004The neutral interstellar medium in luminous compact blue galaxiesGarland, Catherine A.
2004Probing global star and galaxy formation using deep multi-wavelength surveysCapak, Peter L.
2004Structure and energy transport of the solar convection zoneArmstrong, James D, 1970
2005The evolution of young clustersDahm, Scott E.
2005An infrared investigation into the formation of elliptical galaxies via mergersRothberg, Barry S.
2005The rare light elements in very low metallicity halo starsNovicki, Megan C.
2008Stellar spectropolarimetry with HiVIS : Herbig Ae/Be stars, circumstellar environments and optical pumpingHarrington, David M.
2008Extended emission-line regions : Remnants of quasar superwindsFu, Hai
2008A wide-field survey for high-redshift quasarsKakazu, Yuko K.M.
Dec-2010Direct measurements of the fundamental properties of low-mass stars and brown dwarfsDupuy, Trent Jordel
Aug-2011Identifying low-mass members of nearby star clusters using proper motion & color selectionPitts, Mark Andrew
Aug-2011New Nearby Accreting Young Stars and a First Estimate of the IMF for the TW Hydrae AssociationLooper, Dagny Lauren
Dec-2011Exploring dynamic events in the Solar coronaDowns, Cooper James
Dec-2011An observational study of the formation and evolution of sunspotsJaeggli, Sarah Amelia