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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004The link between interactions, infrared emission and the transformation of galaxies: a detailed study of a complete sample of luminous infrared galaxiesIshida, Catherine Mie
Dec-2012Luminous infrared galaxies in the local universe : global properties, nuclear activity, and the starburst--agn connectionU, Vivian
Dec-2012Matter and dynamics of the local volume through tip of the red giant branch distancesJacobs, Bradley Alan
Dec-1992Millimeter and infrared studies of young stellar objects in dark cloud L1641Chʻen, Hua
Dec-2013Morphological diagnostics of star formation in molecular cloudsBeaumont, Christopher
1992The morphologies of distant radio galaxiesRigler, Michael Anthony
1987The nature of luminous IRAS galaxiesDePoy, Darren Lee
1990A near infrared search for brown dwarfs in the PleiadesSimons, Douglas A.
1992A near-infrared faint galaxy survey : evolution and the cosmological geometry from K band photometryGardner, Jonathan Perry
1995Near-infrared spectroscopy of luminous infrared galaxiesGoldader, Jeffrey Dale
2004The neutral interstellar medium in luminous compact blue galaxiesGarland, Catherine A.
Aug-2011New Nearby Accreting Young Stars and a First Estimate of the IMF for the TW Hydrae AssociationLooper, Dagny Lauren
May-2003A physical survey of CentaursBauer, James Monie
Aug-2013Planets around cool stars : a spectroscopic and photometric study of M dwarfs and their planetsMann, Andrew Withycombe
1977Polarimetry of Be stars at 1.25 and 2.2 micronsJones, Terry Jay
2004Probing global star and galaxy formation using deep multi-wavelength surveysCapak, Peter L.
1987Properties of stellar activity in F starsVarsik, John Roger
Aug-2014Radio jet driven outflows : an investigation of extended emission line regions around radio loud AGNsShih, Hsin Yi
2005The rare light elements in very low metallicity halo starsNovicki, Megan C.
Aug-2014Red supergiants as luminous beacons of cosmic chemical abundances : the infrared j-band spectroscopic techniqueGazak, Jonathan Zachary