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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995A deep survey of fields around z > 4 quasarsEgami, Eiichi
Dec-2013Direct imaging search for planets around low-mass stars and spectroscopic characterization of young exoplanetsBowler, Brendan Peter
Dec-2010Direct measurements of the fundamental properties of low-mass stars and brown dwarfsDupuy, Trent Jordel
1993Dynamic evolution of emerging magnetic flux tubes in the solar convective envelopeFan, Yuhang
Aug-2005The Enigmatic Surface Of (3200) Phaethon: Comparison With Cometary CandidatesDundon, Luke R.
1987The evolution of cometary activityStorrs, Alexander David
1995The evolution of rotation and activity in young open clusters : the zero-age main sequencePatten, Brian Michael
2005The evolution of young clustersDahm, Scott E.
Dec-2013Exploring connections between near-earth objects and meteoroid streamsMicheli, Marco
Dec-2011Exploring dynamic events in the Solar coronaDowns, Cooper James
2008Extended emission-line regions : Remnants of quasar superwindsFu, Hai
1979The formation of late O and early B stars within dense molecular cloudsBeichman, Charles Arnold
Aug-2011Identifying low-mass members of nearby star clusters using proper motion & color selectionPitts, Mark Andrew
1995Imaging of complete samples of Z tilde 1 3C sourcesRidgway, Susan E.
2005An infrared investigation into the formation of elliptical galaxies via mergersRothberg, Barry S.
Aug-2013Investigations on the origin of the submillimeter extragalactic background lightChen, Chian-Chou
2004The link between interactions, infrared emission and the transformation of galaxies: a detailed study of a complete sample of luminous infrared galaxiesIshida, Catherine Mie
Dec-2012Luminous infrared galaxies in the local universe : global properties, nuclear activity, and the starburst--agn connectionU, Vivian
Dec-2012Matter and dynamics of the local volume through tip of the red giant branch distancesJacobs, Bradley Alan
Dec-1992Millimeter and infrared studies of young stellar objects in dark cloud L1641Chʻen, Hua