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Title: A New Species of Serranid Fish of the Genus Anthias from the Hawaiian Islands and Johnston Island
Authors: Randall, John E.
Ralston, Stephen
Issue Date: Jul-1984
Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press
Citation: Randall JE, Ralston S. 1984. A new species of serranid fish of the genus Anthias from the Hawaiian Islands and Johnston Island. Pac Sci 38(3): 220-227.
Abstract: The serranid fish Anthiasfucinus is described from 15 specimens
collected from steep rocky slopes at depths of 168-198 m in the Hawaiian Islands
and 214-237 m at Johnston Island. It is unique among the known species of the
genus in lacking vomerine teeth. Other diagnostic characters are 9 soft anal rays
(ofthe Indo-Pacific species of Anthias only A. ventralis has this count); 16 dorsal
soft rays; 15 or 16 pectoral rays (all unbranched); lateral line with a distinct angle
at anterior end of straight peduncular part, the pored scales 34-36 (only A.
boulengeri from the Gulf of Oman has this number of pored scales); membranes
of dorsal fin not incised; no prolonged dorsal spine (fourth or fifth spines barely
longest); and a distinctive head color pattern of alternating stripes of violet and
ISSN: 0030-8870
Appears in Collections:Pacific Science Volume 38, Number 3, 1984

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