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  • Ito, Philip J.; Parvin, Philip E.; Oka, David W. (University of Hawaii, 1992-03)
    'Rachel' is a salmon-orange sunburst hybrid with reddish ribbons and yellow-orange styles. It was named after Rachel Goldberg of Davis, California, in recognition of the continuing support of protea research in Hawaii by ...
  • Hamilton, R.A.; Ito, P.J. (University of Hawaii, 1993-11)
    'Rapoza' is a large, high-quality mango cultivar (Magnifera indica L.) developed by the Department of Horticulture, University of Hawai'i at Manoa. It was named in honor of Herbert Rapoza, one of the dedicated individuals ...
  • Hamilton, R.A.; Ito, P.J. (University of Hawaii, 1993-11)
    A new mango cultivar selection made in Hawaii is described.
  • Hamilton, Richard A.; Ito, Phillip J.; Paull, Robert E. (University of Hawaii, 1993-06)
    'Sunset' is a new hybrid solo papaya selection with uniform, salmon-pink flesh. 'Sunset' most resembles 'Sunrise' solo but with more uniform fruits averaging about 15 percent smaller than those of 'Sunrise'. The yellow ...
  • Bisone, Laura E.; Maretzki, Audrey N. (University of Hawaii, 1982-07)
    Short publication providing information on nutritive value and recipes for sweet potato tubers and leaves.
  • Cho, John J. (University of Hawaii, 1986-06)
    Cool, moist weather in winter and spring in Hawaii is conducive to various fungal and bacterial diseases in lettuce crops. Fungicides and pesticides available at the time for control of these diseases were discussed.
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