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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Oct-1914Cold Storage for Tropical FruitsWilcox, E.V.; Hunn, C.J.
1912Cotton in HawaiiMcClelland, C.K. (Chalmer Kirk), 1887-; Sahr, C.A. (Curt Arthur), 1885-
1912Euphorbia lorifolia : a possible source of rubber and chicleMcGeorge, W.T. (William Thomas), 1886-; Anderson, W. A,1912
8-Feb-1913The Extraction and Use of Kukui OilWilcox, E.V.; Thompson, Alice R.
1903Na hoao no ke pale ana i ka pala o ke kaloSedgwick, T.F.
1911The Management of Pineapple SoilsKelley, W.P.
1910Peanuts in Hawaii.Krauss, F.G. (Frederick George), 1870-
21-Jun-1912The Pineapple in HawaiiHiggins, J.E.
1913Plantation rubber in HawaiiAnderson, W.A.