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Title: Deep Cores of Oahu, Hawaii and Their Bearing on the Geologic History of the Central Pacific Basin 
Author: Stearns, Harold T.; Chamberlain, Theodore K.
Date: 1967-04
Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press
Citation: Stearns HT, Chamberlain TK. 1967. Deep cores of Oahu, Hawaii and their bearing on the geologic history of the Central Pacific Basin. Pac Sci 21(2): 153-165.
Abstract: In the Central Pacific Basin few studies of
the earth's crust have been made, and those
studies that have been undertaken have been
mainly geophysical in nature: seismic, magnetic,
heat flow, and gravity surveys. These geophysical
data usually require for their correct
interpretation some knowledge of the geologic
properties of the crust, especially the upper
crust; consequently, in order to supplement
these geophysical data and for other more
direct reasons, e.g., stratigraphic, palaeontologic,
petrologic, etc., there has been for a
long time a desire to take actual samples of
the Central Pacific Basin crust. To realize this
goal H.S. Ladd, J.I. Tracey, K.O. Emery,
and others in the last twenty years have drilled
several deep holes on Central Pacific islands.
Unfortunately, the drilling techniques used did
not allow the recovery of a core sample, so that
actual lithologic sections of the upper crust
were not obtained.
ISSN: 0030-8870

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