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Title: An Account of the Species of Polysiphonia of the Central and Western Tropical Pacific Ocean: I. Oligosiphonia 
Author: Hollenberg, George J.
Date: 1968-01
Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press
Citation: Hollenberg GJ. 1968. An account of the species of Polysiphonia of the central and western tropical Pacific Ocean: I. Oligosiphonia. Pac Sci 22(1): 56-98.
Abstract: Twenty-four tetrasiphonous species are described. The following species
or varieties are new: Polysiphonia anomala, P. apiculata, P. delicatula, P. flaceidissima
var. decimera, P. flaccidissima var. iki, P. flaccidissima var. lopi, P. hawaiiensis, P. herpa, P. poko, P. poko var. longii, P. profunda, P. pseudovillum,
P. quadrata, P. rubrorhiza, P. setacea, P. sphaerocarpa var. distans, P. sphaerocarpa
var. filifera , P. subtilissima var. abbottae, P. tenais, P. tuberose, P. scopulorum var.
macrotrichia, P. scopulorum var. minima. The following new combinations are
made: P. saccorhiza (Collins and Hervey) comb. nov., P. sparsa (Setchell) comb.
nov., P. scopuloram var. villum 0. G. Agardh) comb. nov., P. mollis var. tongatensis (Harvey) comb. nov.
ISSN: 0030-8870

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