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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2012Evaluating a web-based iPad tutorial for teachersMuranaka, Serena
8-May-2015Evaluating Online Disaster Preparedness Training for Family Caregivers of Senior CitizensChartrand, Grant
24-Apr-2014Evaluating the Usability of a Teacher-Created WebsiteYoshizawa, Ryan
2014Examining the Role of Online Courses in Native Hawaiian Culture and Language at the University of HawaiiDudoit, Kelley
30-Apr-2015Examining the Usability of a Data Teams WebsitePadua-Alamida, Ashley
21-Apr-2016Examining the Usability of a Video Technology Website for School Support StaffMiyazono, Sara
2014Examining the Usability of an Elementary School WebsiteKotomori, Christine
17-Mar-2015Examining the Usability of the University of Hawaii at Manoa's Office of the Registrar WebsiteLau, Justin
3-May-2013The Flipped Classroom Instructional ModuleSaban, Yasmin
28-Apr-2013Flipped Teaching in a College Algebra Classroom: An Action Research ProjectMoroney, Sean
17-Apr-2012Forgetful Students Use FacebookNakahara, Alana Anuhea
17-Apr-2012Forgetful Students Use FacebookNakahara, Alana Anuhea
22-Apr-2014Fostering Collaboration via Google AppsSaito, Tami
11-May-2014Fostering ELA Common Core through Web 2.0 at the Secondary LevelMounts, Carly
22-Apr-2014From Paper to Pixels: A Usability Study of a Tsunami Safety E-BookletGeschwind, Leon R.
12-Apr-2011Future Teaching in HawaiiIida, Maya
17-Mar-2015Google Glass for Education: A Remote Mobile Usability Study of a Responsive Instructional WebsiteStemmle, Patricia J.
28-Oct-82051Handhelds for Music EducationHorikiri, Yuki
2-May-2011Healthy Plate: Consuming Balanced Meals as a Nutritional Strategy to Type II Diabetes PreventionJumawan, Francisco
25-Apr-2013High School Students Opinions of Lumosity to Assist Assignment SubmissionHermosura, Eric