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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Apr-2013Designing an Instructional Module to Assist Third Grade Students in Creating Multimedia Presentations with EduGlogsterKam, Salynn
19-Mar-2015Designing and Evaluating a Professional Sound Reinforcement System for AdultsMiyamoto, Ken
17-Apr-2012Designing and Evaluating an Online Resource Site for Distance EducatorsMeinke, William
12-Apr-2011Determining components for an appealing website for prospective ABIT students at the University of Hawaii Maui CollegeKinoshita, Nikki
22-Apr-2014Developing a Self-Paced, Web-Based Instructional Module for Dissertation PreparationIyoda, Ritsuko
18-Apr-2013Developing a Web-based Instructional Module to Assist Students in Understanding the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress PolicyNae`ole, Davileigh
16-Apr-2013Developing an Effective E-Textbook for CS101 Students at UH Hilo: An iBook Instructional ModuleTorigoe, Helen
1-May-2013Developing iBooks - A Case Study Teaching Gram-stain AnalysisKevan, Jonathan
14-Apr-2011Developing Your Master's E-Portfolio: An Instructional ModuleAdams, Renee
8-May-2015Development of a Naturalist Course for Manta Tour Guides in HawaiiLaros, Wendy
16-Apr-2013Development of an instructional tutor training module for the Online Learning AcademyRiddle, Davilla
18-Apr-2013Digital Storybooks: Where Stories Come to Life!Filrang, Roxina
Apr-2014eBook Creation: Enhancing LiteracyMonkoski-Takamure, Antonina
16-Apr-2013Effective Google Search For Middle School Students: A Self-Instructional Web-Based Module To Teach Internet Searching SkillsSack, Maria
2012Effectiveness of a web-based instructional design module on educating 6th graders on the topic of cyberbullyingKobayashi, LeeAnna
12-Apr-2011The Effects of Digital Communication on Motivating Third-Grade Student WritingUchino, Masaru
4-May-2011Enhancing Learning for 5th Graders by Way of Website Delivery for the Content Area of Social Studies-
8-May-2014eStudying for Electronic Education: an Instructional Design ProjectPakele, Ho Ľomano
9-May-2014eStudying for Electronic Education: an Instructional Design ProjectPakele, Ho Ľomano
26-Apr-2011Evaluate the Effectiveness of Using Blogs to Support the Tutorial Process among High School AVID StudentsShimabuku, Dain