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Title: Fly high fall silently 
Author: Butler, Jennifer
Date: 2003-12
Publisher: University of Hawaii at Manoa
Abstract: Fly High Fall Silently was a modern dance concert choreographed and directed by MFA Candidate, Jennifer Butler. The concert was presented May 7-11th as the Footholds III Concert of the 2002/2003 season in the Ernest Lab Theater at the University of Hawaiʻi at Manoa. The concert consisted of five original pieces of choreography, four interludes and a video performed by University of Hawaiʻi students and alumni. With the concert now over, it is time to reflect upon and evaluate the choreography, production and performance process. In my original proposal I stated specific goals for Fly High Fall Silently. Among these goals was the desire to challenge myself as a choreographer and director. Throughout the creation of the concert I was challenged on levels I could not have possibly imagined. In the end, I feel that I accomplished almost all of the goals I put forth in my proposal, as there was very little deviation from my original plans. I incorporated all of the proposed choreography into the concert. The choreography for the concert included both reconstructed pieces and new choreography. All of the dances evolved in some way during the creative process. For the purpose of these reflections, I will follow the format of my thesis proposal. My proposal acted as my guide throughout the many months of preparing the ninety-minute (with intermission) concert. In my proposal I stated that, "The MFA Concert can and will help me further hone my talent and the skills I have learned in my training." This has proven to be profoundly true. Fly High Fall Silently helped me grow as a choreographer, dancer, teacher, director and producer. I developed and refined skills I already had, and learned new skills that I believe are essential for a dance choreographer to possess. This paper will present description of casting, concert concept and content, each of the dance pieces, use of video production, and the other production components of the concert. The focus for each area will be on the process and what I learned through the experience. The title, Fly High Fall Silently, poetically describes my personal three passions in dance: dancing, creating dances and teaching dance. As a dancer, I love how it feels to be in the air, to move freely, and to interact with the environment. I love to move wildly and softly, high and silently. I love to become one with the movement and let the dance move through me. As a choreographer, I love the idea of creating without boundaries, letting the inspiration guide me to find new movement in unexpected places. Creating dances for me is both an invigorating high and a humbling low in that I love it and feel powerless next to it. Choreographing fills me with energy and then takes all of my energy and leaves me silent and exhausted. As a teacher, Fly High Fall Silently reflects my belief that dance can take each person to a new place and that the journey changes us in the process. Through dance we can become stronger, wiser. Fly High Fall Silently, the concert, was a culminating experience of many years of dancing. It will not be the last concert I ever choreograph and produce nor was it a stellar work of art. In reflection I can see it was a good concert, aesthetically and intellectually stimulating. This paper will reflect on this amazing and difficult journey to see what was done well and what could be improved.
Description: iii, 75 leaves
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