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Title: Patterns of Shell Resource Utilization by Terrestrial Hermit Crabs at Enewetak Atoll, Marshall Islands 
Author: Willason, S.W.; Page, H.M.
Date: 1983-04
Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press
Citation: Willason SW, Page HM. 1983. Patterns of shell resource utilization by terrestrial hermit crabs at Enewetak Atoll, Marshall Islands. Pac Sci 37(2): 157-164.
Abstract: Patterns of gastropod shell utilization by Coenobita perlatus and
C. rugosus were investigated on three islets of Enewetak Atoll, Marshall Islands.
Habitat, hermit crab size, and hermit crab species all influenced the utilization of
shells by Coenobita. Small crabs ( < 8mm carapace length) used 63 shell species,
while large hermit crabs ( > 19mm) used only two species. Coenobita perlatus
occupied long, narrow shells (e.g. , Rhinoclavis) more frequently than C. rugosus.
By contrast, C. rugosus used shorter shells (e.g., Nerita) more frequently.
Reproduction of C. rugosus, both the percentage of ovigerous females and
fecundity, was not influenced by the shell species occupied.
ISSN: 0030-8870

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