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Title: Synopsis of the Indo-Pacific Pipefish Genus Siokunichthys (Syngnathidae), with Description of S. nigrolineatus n. sp. 
Author: Dawson, C.E.
Date: 1983-01
Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press
Citation: Dawson CE. 1983. Synopsis of the Indo-Pacific pipefish genus Siokunichthys (syngnathidae), with Description of S. nigrolineatus n. sp. Pac Sci 37(1): 49-63.
Abstract: The urophorine (tail-pouch) pipefish genus Siokunichthys is rediagnosed;
diagnoses, descriptions, illustrations, key, and additional information
are provided for the five species recognized. The type-species, S. herrei
Herald (Red Sea and western Pacific ) and S. southwelli (Duncker), from Sri
Lanka and the Philippine Islands, have long slender snouts, but they differ in
numbers of trunk ring s (respectively, 12-14 versus 8) and in other meristic and
morphological features. Two species, S. bentuviai Clark (Red Sea, Gulf of Aden)
and S. nigrolineatu s n.sp. (Moluccas and Philippines) have short snouts but differ
in number of total rings (respectively, 61-65 versus 67-69), shape of the snout,
and life coloration. The remaining species, S. breviceps Smith (Mozambique and
western Pacific), is characterized by its intermediate snout length and by other
proportional and meristic features. These marine fishes are small (to ca . 80 mm
SL), some occur in surface waters (usually as subadults), and demersal adults are
known to depth s of 20 m. Two species (S. bentuviai and S. nigrolineatus) are
apparently commensal with corals.
ISSN: 0030-8870

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