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Jan-1999Lana'i Island's Arid Lowland Vegetation in Late PrehistoryAllen, Melinda S.; Murakami, Gail M.
Jan-1999Latitudinal Differences in Thermal Tolerance among Microscopic Sporophytes of the Kelp Lessonia nigrescens (Phaeophyta: Laminariales)Martinez, Enrique A.
Jan-1999Ultraviolet Floral Patterns in the Native Hawaiian Flora: What Do They Mean for Island Biogeography?Jones, C Eugene; Dorsett, Deborah K.; Roelofs, Faith M.; Shah, Chirag V.
Jan-1999Book ReviewDoyle, Michael F.
Jan-1999Standing Crop and Sediment Production of Reef-Dwelling Foraminifera on O'ahu, Hawai'iHarney, Jodi N.; Hallock, Pamela; Fletcher, Charles H III; Richmond, Bruce M.
Jan-1999Conservation Status of Tree Snail Species in the Genus Partulina (Achatinellinae) on the Island of Hawai'i: A Modern and Historical PerspectiveHadway, Lisa J.; Hadfield, Michael G.
Jan-1999Abstracts of Papers. Twenty-third Annual Albert L. Tester Memorial Symposium, 5-7 April 1998-
Jan-1999Local Ecological Knowledge and Biology of the Land Crab Cardisoma hirtipes (Decapoda: Gecarcinidae) at West Nggela, Solomon IslandsFoale, Simon
Jan-1999Spatiotemporal Size-Class Distribution of Turbanella mustela (Gastrotricha: Macrodasyida) on a Northern California Beach and Its Effect on Tidal SuspensionHochberg, Rick
Jan-1999Redescription of Mesochaetopterus selangolus (Polychaeta: Chaetopteridae), Based on Type Specimens and Recently Collected Material from Morib Beach, MalaysiaNishi, Eijiroh
Jan-1999Aspects of the Reproductive Activity of Cypraea caputdraconis from Easter Island (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Cypraeidae)Osorio, Cecilia; Brown, Donald; Donoso, Ligia; Atan, Hugo
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