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Title: Seismic Studies of Subsurface Structure in the Ewa Coastal Plain, Oahu, Hawaii 
Author: Furumoto, A.S.; Campbell, J.F.; Hussong, D.M.
Date: 1970-10
Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press
Citation: Furumoto AS, Campbell JF, Hussong DM. 1970. Seismic studies of subsurface structure in the Ewa Coastal Plain, Oahu, Hawaii. Pac Sci 24(4): 529-542.
Abstract: Seismic studies using well-logging, refraction, and reflection methods
were carried out in 1965 in conjunction with a core-sample drilling project in the
Ewa Coastal Plain, Oahu, Hawaii. The seismic well-logging technique gave a
complicated velocity-depth profile, with higher velocities associated with reef
limestone and lower velocities associated with mud deposits. The seismic refraction
method showed a simpler velocity-depth profile with only a few distinct layers. The
seismic reflection method corroborated the simpler profile obtained with the refraction
method. The two profiles were reconciled, as the complicated profile can be
averaged out into the simpler profile.
The averaging-out process can be applied to the whole sedimentary column so
that a P-wave velocity value may represent the sedimentary layer at any given
locality. However, no single value can be assigned as typical for sedimentary layers
for the entire Hawaiian area. The velocity values depend upon the composition of
the layer, which is made up of varying proportions of mud, reef limestone, and
weathered basalt.
Layer 2 of the oceanic crust in the Hawaiian area has a rather uniform character,
with seismic velocities ranging from 4.8 to 5.1 km/sec, and thicknesses from 4
to 8 km.
ISSN: 0030-8870

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