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Title: A Review of the Eel Genera Leptenchelys and Muraenichthys, with the Description of a New Genus, Schismorhynchus , and a New Species, Muraenichthys chilensis 
Author: McCosker, John E.
Date: 1970-10
Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press
Citation: McCosker JE. 1970. A review of the eel genera Leptenchelys and Muraenichthys, with the description of a new genus, Schismorhynchus , and a new species, Muraenichthys chilensis. Pac Sci 24(4): 506-516.
Abstract: The echeline genus Leptenchelys is recognized as monotypic and differs
markedly from Muraenichthys. Schismorhynchus, genus novum, is erected
for Muraenichthys labialis Seale. The genus Muraenichthys contains 19 known
species in the tropical, subtropical, and temperate Indo-Pacific Ocean. M. chilensis,
a new species showing affinities to southern Australian congeners, is the first known
from the New World. The present distribution of Muraenichthys and of the closely
related genera Schultzidia and Schismorhynchus is perhaps explained by paleogeography,
paleoclimatology, and adult habitat preferences. Muraenichthys species may
be grouped by differences in posterior nostril condition, dentition, and head pore
placement. The following changes in taxonomy are proposed : Leptenchelys pinnaceps
Schultz = Callechelys melanotaenia Bleeker. Muraenichthys tasmaniensis McCulloch
and Scolenchelys tasmaniensis smithi Whitley = Muraenichthys vermiformis Peters. M. ogilbyi Fowler = M. macropterus Bleeker.
ISSN: 0030-8870

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