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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-1992Distributional Dynamics in the Hawaiian VegetationMueller-Dombois, Dieter
Apr-1992Origin of Distylium Dry Forest and Occurrence of Endangered Species in the Bonin IslandsShimizu, Yoshikazu
Apr-1992Vegetation of Samoa and TongaWhistler, W Arthur
Apr-1992Biogeography of the Tropical PacificStoddart, D.R.
Jul-1992Population Size and Frequency of Branching in the Eke Silversword, Argyrox iphium caliginis (Asteraceae), on Eke Crater, West Maui, Hawaii.Powell, Elizabeth Ann
Jul-1992The Impact of Alien Species on Island Ecosystems: Extended Abstracts of a Symposium, 30 May 1991, Honolulu, Hawaii, XVII Pacific Science CongressCowie, Robert H.
Jul-1992Coral Reefs and Environmental Change-The Next 100 Years: A Synopsis and Abstracts of Papers Presented at a Symposium of the XVII Pacific Science CongressGrigg, Richard W.
Jul-1992Simulation of Organic Chemical Movement in Hawaii Soils with PRZM: 3. CalibrationLoague, Keith
Jul-1992Hawaiian Quaternary Paleoenvironments: A Review of Geological, Pedological, and Botanical Evidence.Gavenda, Robert T.
Jul-1992Egg Abundance and Spawning Biomass of the Hawaiian Anchovy or Nehu, Encrasicholinapurpurea, during 1984-1988 in Kaneohe Bay, HawaiiClarke, Thomas A.
Jul-1992Changing Photosynthetic Capacity during Leaf Ontogeny in Juvenile and Mature Metrosideros polymorpha TreesGerrish, Grant
Jul-1992Naso caesius, a New Acanthurid Fish from the Central PacificRandall, John E.; Bell, Lori J.
Jul-199246:3 Table of Contents - Pacific Science-
Oct-1992William T Brigham's Hawaiian Birds and a Possible Historical Record of Ciridops anna (Aves: Drepanidini) from MolokaiOlson, Storrs L.
Oct-1992Mycorrhizal Status of Gunnera petaloidea in Hawai'iKoske, R.E.; Gemma, J.N.; Doyle, M.F.
Oct-1992Diversity in Intertidal Habitats: An Assessment of the Marine Algae of Select High Islands in the Hawaiian ArchipelagoSmith, Celia M.
Oct-1992Marine Phytogeography of the Juan Fernandez Archipelago: A New AssessmentSantelices, B.
Oct-1992New Taxa of Ceramieae (Rhodophyta) from Hawai'iNorris, Richard E.; Abbott, Isabella A.
Oct-1992Observations on Egg Hatching in the Estuarine Crab Sesarma haematocheirSaigusa, Masayuki
Oct-1992Geographic Patterns of Diversity in Benthic Marine AlgaeSilva, Paul C.