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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Mar-1974Annotated Checklist of Hawaiian MossesHoe, W.J.
Sep-1976The Pacific species of Ophiorrhiza L. (Rubiaceae)Darwin, Steven P.
Nov-1977Psychotria L. (Rubiaceae) in the Hawaiian IslandsSohmer, S.H.
Jan-1980The Vegetative and Reproductive Structure of Papaya (Carica papaya)Fisher, Jack B.
Jan-1980The genus Orania Zipp (Arecaceae) in New GuineaEssig, Frederick B.
1983Handbook of Hawaiian Weeds-
Nov-1983Relationships and floral biology of Bidens cosmoides (Asteraceae)Ganders, Fred R.; Nagata, Kenneth M.
Nov-1983A New Subspecies of Bidens (Asteraceae) from MauiSt. John, Harold; Nagata, Kenneth M.; Ganders, Fred R.
Nov-1983New taxa and new combinations in Hawaiian Bidens (Asteraceae)Ganders, Fred R.; Nagata, Kenneth M.
Aug-1986Bibliography of the living cycads (annotated)Read, Robert W.; Solt, Marie L.
Dec-1989Neurotoxicity of Cycads: An Annotated Bibliography for the Years 1829-1989Whiting, Marjorie G.
2008The Kukui Leaf, Volume XXXII, No.3 - Autumn 2008-
2008The Kukui Leaf, Volume XXXII, No.1 - Spring 2008-
2008The Kukui Leaf, Volume XXXII, No.2 - Summer 2008-
2008The Kukui Leaf, Volume XXXII, No.4 - Winter 2008-
13-Jul-2011The Kukui Leaf, Volume XXXIV, No.3 - Fall 2010-
13-Jul-2011The Kukui Leaf, Volume XXXV, No.2 - Summer 2011-
27-Jul-2011The Kukui Leaf, Volume XXXIV, No.4 - Winter 2011-
23-Sep-2011The Kukui Leaf, Volume XXXV, No.3 - Fall 2011-
2012The Kukui Leaf, Volume XXXVI, No. 3 - Fall, 2012-