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Title: Las voces de las mujeres de Xelajú 
Author: Lane, Tess
Date: 2005
Description: Download a free DivX video viewer for viewing the videos in our collection at (Windows) or (Mac). Listen to the authentic voices of twenty ordinary Guatemalan women as you watch these interviewees share their unique views regarding their values and choices in life.
Students of intermediate to advanced Spanish improve listening comprehension while they learn about Guatemalan culture by watching twenty Guatemalan women each answer the same seven questions. The repetition reinforces vocabulary and grammatical structures in a meaningful context. As students compare the women's answers and formulate their own responses, they develop critical thinking and writing skills. Students can work independently, in groups, or as a class.

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Alejandra 01-Alejandra.avi 86.25Mb Unknown View/Open
Annabel 02-Annabel.avi 78.60Mb Unknown View/Open
Astrid 03-Astrid.avi 30.56Mb Unknown View/Open
Beatriz 04-Beatriz.avi 120.9Mb Unknown View/Open
Berta 05-Berta.avi 44.69Mb Unknown View/Open
Blanca 06-Blanca.avi 49.31Mb Unknown View/Open
Christina 07-Christina.avi 27.21Mb Unknown View/Open
Claudia 08-Claudia.avi 61.64Mb Unknown View/Open
Christina M 09-Christina M.avi 33.85Mb Unknown View/Open
Conchi 10-Conchi.avi 106.2Mb Unknown View/Open
Gladys 11-Gladys.avi 39.45Mb Unknown View/Open
Herlinda 12-Herlinda.avi 52.04Mb Unknown View/Open
Ingrid 13-Ingrid.avi 59.50Mb Unknown View/Open
Karla 14-Karla.avi 66.96Mb Unknown View/Open
Ligia 15-Ligia.avi 87.69Mb Unknown View/Open
Lourdes 16-Lourdes.avi 77.67Mb Unknown View/Open
MariaLuisa 17-Marialuisa.avi 32.00Mb Unknown View/Open
Olivia 18-Olivia.avi 55.43Mb Unknown View/Open
Sara 19-Sara.avi 39.16Mb Unknown View/Open
Teresa 20-Teresa.avi 41.71Mb Unknown View/Open

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