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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-1948Laysan Albatross Nesting on Moku Manu Islet, off Oahu, T. H.Fisher, Harvey I.
Oct-1948A List of Scientific Institutions in the Pacific AreaBushnell, O.A.
Apr-1948Morphometric Characteristics and Relative Growth of Yellowfin Tunas (Neothunnus macropterus) from Central AmericaSchaefer, Milner B.
Apr-1948A New Blennoid Fish from HawaiiBrock, Vernon E.
Oct-1948A New Echiuroid Worm from the Hawaiian Islands and a Key to the Genera of EchiuridaeFisher, Walter K.
Jun-1948A New Fern from Rota, Mariana IslandsWagner, W.H. Jr.
Oct-1948A New Nematode of the Genus Pseudophysaloptera from an Okinawan ShrewLincicome, David R.; McConnaughey, Bayard H.
Apr-1948Notes on the Marianas MallardYamashina, Yoshimaro
Oct-1948Notes. An Addition to the Fish Fauna of the Hawaiian IslandsBrock, Vernon E.
Apr-1948Notes. Fishes Taken in Wellington HarbourPhillipps, W.J.
Jul-1948Notes. Holes in the Webs of ShearwatersRichardson, Frank
Apr-1948Notes. Interbreeding of Laysan and Black-footed AlbatrossesFisher, Harvey I.
Jan-1948Notes. Observations on Parasites of Domestic Animals in MicronesiaAlicata, Joseph E.
Oct-1948Notes. On the Herding of Prey and the Schooling of the Black Skipjack, Euthynnus yaito KishinouyeHiatt, Robert W.; Brock, Vernon E.
Jul-1948Notes. On the Occurrence of Bauxite on TrukBridge, Josiah
Jan-1948Notes. Preliminary Note on the Oceanographic Program of the Hawaii Marine LaboratoryHiatt, Robert W.
Apr-1948Notes. Transfer of Hawaiian Volcano ObservatoryWentworth, Chester K.
Oct-1948The Origin of the Native Flora of PolynesiaCopeland, Edwin B.
Oct-1948The Pacific Oceanic Fishery Investigation-
Oct-1948Plant Records from the Caroline Islands, Micronesia: Pacific Plant Studies 8St. John, Harold