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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Hoping and Language LearningMurphey, T.
8-Apr-2013Ideal Classmates and Reciprocal IdealizingMurphey, Tim
1996Integrating language and content instructionCurtain, H.
1999Introducing action research into post-secondary foreign language teacher educationCrookes, G.; Chandler, P.
7-Oct-2011Inviting altruistic agency among studentsMurphey, Tim
2004Issues in Placement Survey [443k pdf]Brown, J.D.; Hudson, T.; Clark M.
1999L2 vocabulary learning strategiesKudo, Y.
1996LSEV: Learner self-evaluated videosMurphey, T.; Kenny, T.
2001Mind, language, and epistemology: Toward a language socialization paradigm for SLAWatson-Gegeo, K.
1996Motivation for learning foreign languagesSchmidt, R.
2000Motivation, reported strategy use, and preferences for activities in foreign language classes at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa: Reliability and validity of instrumentsWatanabe, Y.
1996Motivational aspects of using computers for writing and communicationWarschauer, M.
21-Sep-2010Online Cafés: Intercultural Learning CommunitiesNational Foreign Language Resource Center
10-Oct-2013Practical Assessment Tools for College JapaneseKondo-Brown, Kimi (Ed.); Brown, James Dean (Ed.); Tominaga, Waka (Ed.)
16-Apr-2012Present Communities of Imagination (PCOIz)Murphey, Tim
30-Sep-2011The role of consciousness in second language learningSchmidt, Richard
2000Shadowing and summarizingMurphey, T.
9-Aug-2011Using surveys for understanding and improving foreign language programsDavis, John McE.
13-Jan-16255Young learner development with co-learning adultsMurphey, T.