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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20002000 NFLRC summer institute evaluation: Computer-based tests for less commonly taught languagesHudson, T.
20002000 NFLRC summer institute evaluation: Performance-based Chinese language instructionWang, S.C.
20012001 NFLRC summer institute evaluation: Korean pedagogy workshop: Task-based language teachingYoshioka, J.
20012001 NFLRC summer Institute evaluation: Web-based workshops for advanced reading & writing development & maintenanceFleming, S.
20012001 NFLRC summer institute evaluation: Developing web-based foreign language learning environmentsKym, A.
20022002 NFLRC summer institute evaluation: Web-based workshops for advanced reading & writing development & maintenanceWogstad, K.
20022002 NFLRC summer institute: Ia Faalautele Lau Gagana – Samoan Pedagogy Institute ReportMayer, J.
20032003 NFLRC summer institute for professional development: Southeast Asian pedagogy workshops-
20032003 NFLRC summer institute: Corpus Linguistics for Korean Language Learning and TeachingBley-Vroman, R.; Ko, H.S.
20042004 NFLRC conference evaluation: 13th annual conference of the Association for the Teaching of the Samoan Language in Aotearoa (FAGASA) and the 5th annual meeting of the Faleula o Fatuaiupu o le Gagana Samoa (International Samoan Language Commission)Mayer, J.
20042004 NFLRC conference: Cultural Diversity & Language EducationYoshioka, J.
20042004 NFLRC symposium: Distance Education, Distributed Learning & Language Instruction: Reports from the fieldYoshioka, J.
20042004 NFLRC/COTSEAL workshop: New Visions for Southeast Asian Language TeachingSavage, W.
20052005 NFLRC workshop: Designing Effective Foreign Language Placement TestsHudson, T.
20072007 17th International Conference on Pragmatics & Language Learning: Final reportYoshioka, J.
20072007 Second International Conference on Task-Based Language Teaching: Conference evaluation reportWatanabe, Y.; Hill, Y.; Ma, J.H.; Von Biedenfeld, A.K.
1997Acquisition of Italian grammatical gender: L2 learners’ sensitivity to cuesOliphant, K.
2007Developing useful evaluation practices in college foreign language programs: Showcase sessionFaculty Working Group on Foreign Language Program Evaluation
1999Explicit and incidental instruction and learner awarenessHauser, E.K.
1999Explicit instruction and JFL learners' use of interactional discourse markers in extended tellingsYoshimi, D.R.