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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Mandarin Chinese: Four-Year Instructional Goals, Curriculum Outline, and Institutional Measures to facilitate implementation of the curriculum utilizing a performance-based approachNing, C.
1996Motivational aspects of using computers for writing and communicationWarschauer, M.
1997Acquisition of Italian grammatical gender: L2 learners’ sensitivity to cuesOliphant, K.
1998Checklist: Evaluative criteria for computer-delivered language learning systemsInvitational Symposium on Assessing and Advancing Technology Options in Language Learning (AATOLL)
1999Explicit and incidental instruction and learner awarenessHauser, E.K.
1999Explicit instruction and JFL learners' use of interactional discourse markers in extended tellingsYoshimi, D.R.
1999Introducing action research into post-secondary foreign language teacher educationCrookes, G.; Chandler, P.
1999Japanese language needs analysis 1998-1999Iwai, T.; Kondo, K.; Lim, D.S.J.; Ray, G.; Shimizu, H.; Brown, J.D.
1999L2 vocabulary learning strategiesKudo, Y.
2000Motivation, reported strategy use, and preferences for activities in foreign language classes at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa: Reliability and validity of instrumentsWatanabe, Y.
20002000 NFLRC summer institute evaluation: Performance-based Chinese language instructionWang, S.C.
2000Japanese placement tests at the University of Hawai‘i: Applying item response theoryKondo-Brown, K.; Brown, J.D.
2000Identity and second language learning: Local Japanese learning Japanese in Hawai‘iSugita, M.
2000Languages 2000 at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa-
20002000 NFLRC summer institute evaluation: Computer-based tests for less commonly taught languagesHudson, T.
20012001 NFLRC summer institute evaluation: Korean pedagogy workshop: Task-based language teachingYoshioka, J.
20012001 NFLRC summer Institute evaluation: Web-based workshops for advanced reading & writing development & maintenanceFleming, S.
20012001 NFLRC summer institute evaluation: Developing web-based foreign language learning environmentsKym, A.
20022002 NFLRC summer institute evaluation: Heritage learners and national language needsDavis, K.
20022002 NFLRC summer institute: Ia Faalautele Lau Gagana – Samoan Pedagogy Institute ReportMayer, J.