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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20002000 NFLRC summer institute evaluation: Performance-based Chinese language instructionWang, S.C.
20012001 NFLRC summer institute evaluation: Korean pedagogy workshop: Task-based language teachingYoshioka, J.
20022002 NFLRC summer institute: Ia Faalautele Lau Gagana – Samoan Pedagogy Institute ReportMayer, J.
20032003 NFLRC summer institute: Corpus Linguistics for Korean Language Learning and TeachingBley-Vroman, R.; Ko, H.S.
20042004 NFLRC conference evaluation: 13th annual conference of the Association for the Teaching of the Samoan Language in Aotearoa (FAGASA) and the 5th annual meeting of the Faleula o Fatuaiupu o le Gagana Samoa (International Samoan Language Commission)Mayer, J.
1997Acquisition of Italian grammatical gender: L2 learners’ sensitivity to cuesOliphant, K.
1993Asian role play cards (Chinese)-
1993Asian role play cards (Japanese)-
1993Asian role play cards (Korean)-
1998Authentic Indonesian videoBarnard, E.; Winter, J.; Hiple, D.
1997Authentic Tagalog videoMabanglo, R.; Hiple, D.
1994Bridges student text and workbookVaughn, R.
1997Bridging gaps with technology in the ITV classroom (VHS video)Fleming, S.
1997Chinese language video lessons for classroom useFleming, S.; Hiple, D.; Ning, C.
1996Computer-mediated collaborative learning: Theory and practiceWarschauer, M.
1999Explicit instruction and JFL learners' use of interactional discourse markers in extended tellingsYoshimi, D.R.
1-Jun-68252Foreign language partnershipDavis, K.; Syed, Z.
2008Fostering cohesion and community in asynchronous online coursesChun, D.; Hiple, D.; Tschudi, S.
2009Hoping and Language LearningMurphey, T.
2000Identity and second language learning: Local Japanese learning Japanese in Hawai‘iSugita, M.