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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991Samoan language for health care providersMayer, J.
1992Supplementary materials for conversational Tagalog (student book+reading text)Yangyuen, Ranee
1993Asian role play cards (Chinese)-
1993Asian role play cards (Japanese)-
1993Asian role play cards (Korean)-
1994Korean proficiency guidelinesSecond Language Teaching & Curriculum Center
1994Bridges student text and workbookVaughn, R.
1995Mandarin Chinese: Four-Year Instructional Goals, Curriculum Outline, and Institutional Measures to facilitate implementation of the curriculum utilizing a performance-based approachNing, C.
1996Immersion curriculum development project: A model in HawaiianKa‘awa, M.
1996Integrating language and content instructionCurtain, H.
1996Motivation for learning foreign languagesSchmidt, R.
1996Bilingualism and early literacyBialystok, E.
1996LSEV: Learner self-evaluated videosMurphey, T.; Kenny, T.
1996Pilot instruments for assessing cross-cultural pragmatics in nonnative learners of KoreanHudson, T.; Kim, Y.
1996Computer-mediated collaborative learning: Theory and practiceWarschauer, M.
1996Korean language and culture materialsMasterson, D.
1996Motivational aspects of using computers for writing and communicationWarschauer, M.
1997Authentic Tagalog videoMabanglo, R.; Hiple, D.
1997Intermediate reader in technical and scientific JapaneseShinzato, R.
1997Bridging gaps with technology in the ITV classroom (VHS video)Fleming, S.