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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Sep-2010Online Cafés: Intercultural Learning CommunitiesNational Foreign Language Resource Center
2004Online Chinese for minority-serving institutionsLanguage Learning Center
2004Pakinggan at unawain: Comprehending intermediate FilipinoRamos, Teresita V.
1996Pilot instruments for assessing cross-cultural pragmatics in nonnative learners of KoreanHudson, T.; Kim, Y.
2006Pingelapese Alphabet BookHattori, Ryoko; Manuel, Billie-Jean
2007Pingelapese “e” vs. “ae”: Do you know the difference?Hattori, Ryoko; Lemuel, Dayne
10-Oct-2013Practical Assessment Tools for College JapaneseKondo-Brown, Kimi (Ed.); Brown, James Dean (Ed.); Tominaga, Waka (Ed.)
16-Apr-2012Present Communities of Imagination (PCOIz)Murphey, Tim
2005Reanalysis of discernment from a social constructivist perspective: Academic consultation sessions in Japanese universitiesCook, H.C.
30-Sep-2011The role of consciousness in second language learningSchmidt, Richard
1991Samoan language for health care providersMayer, J.
2000Shadowing and summarizingMurphey, T.
1992Supplementary materials for conversational Tagalog (student book+reading text)Yangyuen, Ranee
2004Tagalog for health care providersRamos, Teresita V.
2003Task-Based Language Teaching: A demonstration videoLong, M.H.; Doughty, C.; Kim, Y.; Lee, J.-H.; Lee, Y.-G.
2007Thai Language and Culture for Beginners, vol. 1 (auxiliary materials)Hoonchamlong, Yuphaphann
2007Thai Language and Culture for Beginners, vol. 2 (auxiliary materials)Hoonchamlong, Yuphaphann
9-Aug-2011Using surveys for understanding and improving foreign language programsDavis, John McE.
13-Jan-16255Young learner development with co-learning adultsMurphey, T.